Outdoor Development

Are you tired of running at a hundred miles an hour, from having too much to do and too little time available?  You need to make time for some time outdoors, where you will have room to breathe, to think and to get your clarity back.

Fresh Air Fridays

What would it be like if you could meet up with a group to walk and explore your wellbeing and personal development on a regular basis?  What would it be like if this was held outside in beautiful places?  

Well, that's what I offer with my Fresh Air Fridays sessions.  Held on a monthly basis, over the course of a year we explore some great topics, such as being more present in everyday life, having better relationships, getting out of your comfort zone and many more.  Our course is transforming - for self confidence, self awareness and for deeper connection with others.  My sessions give you time to relax, to enjoy the environment, to learn and to meet like minded people. 

Find out more at  https://freshairfridays.co.uk/session-list/

Oudoor coaching

Having coaching outside in natural environments opens up the brain and helps creative thinking.  For this reason it's a powerful place to hold a coaching session.  I take you out into natural spaces and give you the time and space to think out loud and get clarity on your current situation.

Please contact me to discuss how we can work together...

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