“The style of Jeanette’s coaching is perfect. The calm approach ensures that you think about elements from a different point of view. She is incredibly friendly, funny and calming. I think that Jeanette has the perfect combination of elements to make her style unique. I would like to thank Jeanette for all of the time she has given to my coaching sessions. I have found every session incredibly useful and insightful - they truly have made a large difference to how I feel about work, and the way that I now work through certain situations. I would recommend Jeanette to anyone as an excellent coach, a coach who can help you succeed and help you on your personal development journey.”

- Kate T

“My initial objective was to gain more confidence in giving presentations. As the coaching progressed, it became apparent that my nervousness about public speaking was a symptom of a much wider range of issues around lack of confidence, assertiveness and wanting to please others. Jeanette has helped me to think about and clarify these issues, and come up with tools and strategies to address them. Jeanette has a lovely way about her - she was gentle and kind, but made me think about some quite deep issues. She had a gentle questioning style which made me realise personality traits I hadn’t really thought about before - but it felt as if I actually knew them all along. The coaching sessions felt like a very safe environment where I could talk about things openly. I always felt that everything we talked about was in absolute confidence - Jeanette made this very clear throughout. There have already been several instances where I have had to disagree with fairly strong characters - where before I would have backed down, I have been brave enough to stand my ground and argue for what I believe in. So far it has worked!”

- Becky V

“I came to coaching to help me to bring a workplace development programme to life. Jeanette had visibility of the course toolkit, which supported the 3 modules of my programme, and she provided me with an opportunity to test the tools in a safe environment, gaining insights into ways of using these effectively. I also had time to reflect on what worked and why. This has been really beneficial for me both personally and in the workplace. Making time to talk to Jeanette gave me a chance to reflect on my work and consider ways of approaching things – having a coach is like having a conversation with myself but the quality of the questions is much better !!”

- Maggie D

“My coach was empathetic whilst remaining firm - she was intelligent and articulate and annoyingly asked all the right (but sometimes difficult) questions. She did not patronise or judge me and gave me time and space to explore my own thinking, at a time when I was not giving myself permission to do so. I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders now and am utterly grateful for the guardian angel who supported me through a tough few months....my emotional sat nav!”

- Laura L

“Faced with the prospect of a daunting promotion, I felt I needed some coaching to build my confidence and make me ready for my new role.  Jeanette was recommended to me and she helpedme really think about what challenges were ahead. She gave me the courage to admit which challenges were giving me the most anxieties and then we worked together to find solutions.  I've been in the role for a few months now and have been able to use strategies Jeanette gave me to make me more effective in my role and to have the confidence to say I'm doing well. I can't thank her enough.  

- I D

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