What is coaching?

Coaching is training or development in which a person called a coach supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal.  You can have a coaching session with me indoors or outdoors, face to face, by telephone or on line, e.g. via Skype.

Personal/Life Coaching.

I will help you to identify your goals.  What you choose to work on is your decision, but they may include the areas of work performance, personal goals, self-directed learning and personal growth.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is specifically focused at senior management level where I will explore business related and personal development topics with you in order to help you to improve your personal and professional performance.

Corporate/Business Coaching

I will focus on supporting you in the context of your work, either as an individual, as part of a team and/or organization to help you to achieve improved business performance and operational effectiveness.

Resilience Coaching

I am expert in helping individuals and teams to build their emotional resilience and understand stress management.

Group Coaching

I work with teams or groups, either to help them to achieve a common goal within the group, or to create an environment where individuals can co-coach each other.



The relationship between us is very important and is based on trust, honesty and respect.  As a coach I offer you structured conversation, non-judgemental support and confidentiality.  What is talked about in session will not be discussed with anybody else.

I am not a counsellor:  Counselling is about making sense of the past so that the present is easier to deal with. Coaching is about looking forward and making positive change. I will not discuss issues that I feel require professional support.

What coaching will do for you:

  • Give you clarity of thought and action to improve your effectiveness
  • Help you to think about the path ahead rather than what is behind you.
  • Support you in developing a vision and plan for your career
  • Explore your goals at work and at home, and how to achieve them
  • Understand yourself, especially your purpose, identity and values
  • Increase your self-confidence and ownership of your own thoughts and actions
  • Identify and build on your strengths and talents
  • Unlock your potential
  • Put you in control 
  • Help you to embrace change
  • Give you time to recognise perceived and actual barriers and develop practical strategies to overcome them
  • Build your emotional resilience
  • Reduce stress
  • Challenge the story you are telling yourself
  • Give you the motivation to become more creative, productive and resilient and make life more enjoyable
  • Be challenging and rewarding!

Please contact me to discuss how we can work together...

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