Testimonial - “I came to coaching to work on my self-confidence. Since working with Jeanette I am now brave enough to stand my ground in challenging work and home situations.” KF

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Do you want be the best you can be?

How would you like to be the best person that you can be?  
How would you like to have an even greater impact on your business and/or on your relationships?
A Coaching partnership with me can provide the tools and resilience to help bring out your best self, so that you can build better relationships, clarity of vision and have more self confidence.   

Why choose coaching?

Coaching can help you to have a better quality of life, be more healthy, be more resilient and better at relationships.  That's just a start - see what kind of coaching could best suit you.

Why choose me?

Over 30 years of Occcupational Health experience has given me a unique set of skills and experience. I bring that into my coaching and believe passionately that coaching is a fantastic way for people to maximise their potential.  That's why my purpose is to create coaching and development interventions that will ensure that you can be at your best in every situation.  
I'd love to work in partnership with you to help you to transform your life.

If you want to find out what it's like to be coached by me, why not sign up for a free , no commitment chemistry call or come along to a free outdoor Fresh Air Friday session.

I can help reduce the impact of poor resilience and stress on you and your workplace

In today’s fast moving and technological world, wouldn't it be great if your business and your key people were more resilient?  In many instances, we can fail to notice the signs that our body gives us if we become stressed. When we are overwhelmed we don't think clearly and our performance can be badly affected. Have a look at the workshops and webinars that I can deliver.

Don't believe me - meet Ben

Ben came to coaching as he had come to a crossroads at work.  He knew he needed to make some changes, as his job had changed recently and now he was expected to travel abroad every two weeks.  He had a young family at home and was feeling torn about not seeing them as much.  He was feeling increasingly stressed about the situation and this was starting to affect his sleep and many of his relationships.  Through coaching we explored what it was really important to Ben, including what work-life balance was right for him. Soon Ben made the decision to change his job, so our coaching work supported his exploration of the options, including whether to stay with that company or look for a move outside.  Ben ultimately decided to work for a different company nearer home, as they had a similar role which involved no international travel. He is now settled in his new role and he is feeling much more resilient. He is sleeping well and has worked on improving his relationships.

Develop4life is run by Jeanette Pratt, an executive and business coach who also specialises in building emotional resilience and managing stress

Jeanette is a Trusted coach, which means that she has proven qualifications, professional membership, insurance, supervision, experience and references. See her profile here .

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