Are you finding that the world is becoming ever faster paced, volatile, unpredictable and demanding?  You're not alone. In order to not only cope with these increasing demands but also to thrive, you need to build your resilience skills. Resilient individuals and teams have the skills to recognise opportunities, to find solutions and influence outcomes wherever they are. With the right training, you can have better health and the strength, energy and drive to succeed.


My webinars and workshops help you and your team to build your resilience and to recognise and manage stress when it comes along.  Training can be tailored to meet your needs – I offer a free consultation to discuss your organisation and what you are looking for.  Here is a flavour of what I can offer: 


You can book any or all of these lively, practical and interactive webinars. Contact me for further details.
  • Building emotional resilience using Positive Psychology  - you will learn about emotional resilience and how you can innoculate yourself against stress by regularly practising 5 transforming positive psychology habits. 
  • Coping with demanding times  - you will understand what happens when we're under pressure and what happens when pressure becomes stress.  You'll learn how to recognise stress in yourself and I will share tools and techniques to effectively manage worries and pressure.
  • Building emotional resilience by changing your mind - you will learn how our minds govern our feelings and behaviour and how this can negatively impact our resilience.  You'll learn how to be more aware of your thoughts and you'll understand the negative impact of thinking errors (cognitive distortions).  Finally you'll learn some practical ways that you can improve your thinking styles and so improve your resilience.
  • Building emotional resilience using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - you will learn about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and how this can negatively impact your resilience.  You'll learn how to become more aware of your own EQ and learn practical skills that can improve your EQ, resilience and relationships.

Building your emotional resilience

  • What is emotional resilience and why do you need it?
  • How naturally resilient are you?
  • How improving self awareness builds your resilience
  • The ABC of resilience
  • How improving your lifestyle can build your resilience
  • How you can nurture resilient relationships
  • How you can build resilient characteristics
  • How you can build on your strengths
  • Working on your personal resilience strategy
  • How you can build resilient teams

Understanding and managing your Stress levels

  • What is stress and why you need to understand it?
  • What causes you to become stressed?
  • What effect does stress have on your performance?
  • How can you recognise stress early?
  • How can you minimise the effects of stress?  Learn key skills and strategies.
  • How can you as a leader build the right culture to prevent stress?
  • How can you as a manager recognise stress in your team members and how can you offer them appropriate support?
  • What are your legal responsibilities in relation to work related stress and how can you undertake stress risk assessments?

Please contact me to discuss how we can work together...

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